Clay Hogg, Insurance Adjuster: “What a

font of knowledge packaged up into an informal and easy to read book!!  The information found inside can help

mitigate loss, prepare you to stay safe during, and the initial steps following a hurricane.  I think it’s a great read and

not overwhelming, as if there isn’t

enough to think about before a hurricane makes landfall...”

K. Finegan, Language Teacher: “A gem of

a book. As a longtime S. Florida resident, it's tempting for me to think ‘I've got this’ when it comes to hurricane season. Well, read and learn! Priceless information with the emphasis, where it should be, on preparation.”

A. Morris, Exotic Animal Trainer: “It is officially hurricane season, and I wasn’t preparing ... or at least until I read this

book! I love how this guide is to the point and easy to follow. You don’t have to read the entire thing but go to the chapters

that you need at the time. The best part

is that this book also does so much more.

It mentions things that I never thought mattered or knew to think about at all.

This guide teaches you how to fully prepare before, during, and how to

survive after the storm has passed.”

S. Hill, Librarian: “This is well done, comprehensive, and useful. Realtors should be encouraged to provide one for every sale they close.”

J. Bennett, Forensic Engineering Technical Writer: “I highly recommend you get this book by Megy Davis. It contains the necessary lists, tools and provisions that you need to safely navigate a storm and to prepare yourself and your loved ones to get through the

next BIG one.

K. Clarke, Realtor “This book is awesome! How do we purchase your book?”

Pedro and his brother Jose are safely living with the Addison family, who are giving them the love and security they were deprived of when their parents were brutally mowed down in a hit and-run-slaying.


Pedro’s new found sense of security instantly unravels when he spots the man who murdered his parents in cold blood.


His violent revenge fantasies come flooding back along with all the  addictions he thought he'd left in his past. A shocking twist of fate awaits Pedro and friends, as he returns to Miami to avenge his parent’s deaths.


$2.99 ebook


Home-schooled Sara hits a rough patch her first year in a public high school … unwittingly she agrees to become the secret ’Student 2 Student’ advice columnist for the school newspaper, The High Tide.


She can hardly believe the problems high school students have. The most painful letter is from her newest friend Amy! Add to that, Sara's own troubles multiply just when her friendship with Danny finally makes her heart sing.


Life takes on a nightmarish quality as Sara tries to cope with being stalked by Danny's ex, her falling grades, and getting hit over the head with her own skateboard!

$2.99 ebook

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Having led a sheltered life and now turning sixteen, home-schooled twin Luke Addison finds himself engaged in heated sibling battles as his parents leave the twins home alone for the final week of summer vacation. 
Luke and Sara's sharp differences intensify when a city-wide disaster lands orphaned brothers Pedro and Jose on their doorstep in need of shelter, medical care,
and a place to hide.
The wonder years come to a screeching halt as the twins battle and pray their way through a confusing maze of fresh responsibility, romance, temptation, bodily harm, a house fire, a night in jail, and more.

$ 2.99 ebook

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