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Sara's Advice: Student2Student

Sara is the Student2Student Advice Column writer.

She is in her Junior year and writes for The High Tide student newspaper in her high school. Following are student letters and advice she has written back. Sara is a fictional character who is always getting into trouble herself in the my book, "Sara Stalked".

It is book 3 of the SaltOfLife Fiction Series -

thanks so much for reading, Megy Davis

Dear S2S,

I’m so afraid, and I have no one to talk to. I met my boyfriend right after school started and there was an instant attraction. We had sex the first night. Our relationship is serious; he just gave me a beautiful ring with my birthstone in it. It was my only birthday present this year. My parents didn’t even remember my birthday. They’re in the middle of a divorce, and my dad disappeared three months ago. I basically live alone in our apartment because my moms always at her new boyfriend's condo.

My problem is that my period is late, so I took one of those drug store tests. It read that I’m pregnant! I haven’t told my boyfriend or my mom. When I see my mom, she’s always crazed with some drama about her new boyfriend and his ex. I think I need to get an abortion. Where can I go?

Signed, Scared and Alone

Dear Scared and Alone,

Your situation seems overwhelming, but you must trust that God will get you through it. You can’t go it alone, so you need to tell your boyfriend, his parents, and your parents. Now. Trust your boyfriend to help you. Abortion is not your answer.

My friend had an abortion last year, and she hasn’t been herself since. She says it haunts her thoughts and she gets depressed and cries a lot of the time. She never wants to hang out and stays home alone most of the time. There are other choices for you. A counselor can help you and your boyfriend. In the meantime, I will pray for you.

Signed, Your S2S Friend

Sara note: It took me two hours to write that reply, and I was exhausted when I finally finished it at two AM. What If I wrote the wrong thing? Giving advice isn’t so easy. Time to pray! Father, please help Scared and Alone and her boyfriend do the right thing. Give them your wisdom, comfort, and hope. Point them to people who will help them for the long term.

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