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My Characters; My Imaginary Friends

The author journey exploded in my head one day while sitting on my comfy, orange, denim couch. SaltOfLife Fiction friends Luke, Sara, Danny, Pedro, Jose, and Cheree, were born, developed and nurtured on that day. I gave them birthdays, physical descriptions, style, quirks, habits, attitudes, cars, likes and strong dislikes, hopes, dreams, athletic abilities and even added some romance to their high school days in South Florida.

Once I felt each of them was complete, with skin, the books began to write themselves. At that time I was going to school in Barcelona, Spain, and my characters began to hang out in my head, relentlessly vying for my attention. They had things to do, people to see and stories to tell. I moved to from Spain, to Italy to teach English as a second language. Loneliness set in. No one spoke English. My social life was almost nonexistent.

Bam! Every night my characters came out to play, and I just wrote it all down. Jobs were scarce in Italy, and three months later I found a teaching job in Costa Rica. “Luke’s Wipeout” was completed, and “Pedro Returns” had begun. I sat at a picnic table under shady papaya trees, with a local toucan while writing Pedro's story. Pedro had an urgent mission for a sixteen-year old, and my keyboarding fingers could hardly keep up with him. There is a twist in that story that even I didn’t see coming, until it was written on my computer screen! I remember sitting back and gasping in surprise. It was truly a God moment because it was such a genius plot twist.

I returned to the States, and Life got between me and my loved characters for awhile. Once settled and teaching again, I began writing ‘Sara Stalked”. I had always counted on Sara to take the moral high ground with this group of fiction friends. To my surprise, she experienced a huge character shift when she fell in love. Sara brought so much trouble on herself that I was wondering if I would ever be able to write her out of it!

Please, check out my imaginary friends and their Adventures in Faith. Stay up all night reading! Thanks so much ~ Megy

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