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You may wonder why I am posting so much about hurricane preparedness (besides the fact that I wrote the book on it!) since it is not even August first, and wind from a July rainstorm has not even blown over your white plastic lawn chair.

Here is why, and I wish I could be shouting it in your ear right now: 2018 Hurricane Michael was just a spit storm in the Gulf of Mexico one day and then, within 36 hours strengthened into a Cat 5 hurricane. It was the third most devastating hurricane in US history. Literally overnight!

As Michael approached, rather than powering down against the landmass resistance, it ramped up, completely decimating whole towns! This is not normal behavior for a hurricane, and this is why so many residents were not prepared, and are still homeless.

What we don’t know is: will this happen again, and where? A coast near you?

Thus, I will continue banging the “Be Prepared” drum. End of rant.

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